Welcome to U.S. WINDOW, INC. Please enjoy our site and visit http://windows-winnipeg.ca/ on line showroom.  We are Window and siding specialists, who are able to serve your needs in Iowa, or any adjacent state. Our products are of high quality with great performance characteristics and custom designs.

Our Mission

While other companies have cut corners to cheapen their products, we at U.S. WINDOW, Inc. refuse to do so. We remain committed to the highest quality, both in product and installation. We use only the most reliable and eco-friendly materials in manufacturing process. In cooperation with our trusted partners http://windows-edmonton.ca/ we offer our customers a wide range of ready window types as well as custom solutions and unique ideas for their homes.

New Products

Our Windows Company is constantly working on the development of its product range in order to provide our customers with the best products for their homes and offices. Not only we offer an extensive choice of wooden and vinyl windows to our clients from one of the best Atlanta window company Atlantawindowsreplacement.com, but also provide a wide selection of interior and exterior doors. We cooperation with the leading suppliers of quality wooden products, such as Casa Loma Doors company and WoodWork Inc. to ensure our customers get only the highest quality, durable and stylish doors. We offer doors and windows that were manufactured in the strict compliance with the latest technologies of wood processing, which ensure their higher performance characteristics. These doors and windows are less susceptible to deformation under the influence of humidity and temperature. Uswindowinc.com products are absolutely suitable for installation in areas with high level of humidity and are environmentally friendly.

Windows Replacement

Very often after the purchase of a new housing the owners have to face the problem of windows replacement. Despite the fact that modern developing companies install windows at the stage of building construction, not all the developers choose reliable brands of proven quality. Such brands may not meet all your requirements for comfort and style. That is why, it is always better to spend more money on windows replacement to ensure your house will be securely protected from adverse weather conditions. What to look for when replacing the plastic windows? The experts from replacement windows company in Mississauga advise to pay attention to the following factors: choose windows of well-known brand (before to decide on a brand of windows, try to find out more fact about the manufacturer, read reviews); find out what materials are used in the windows manufacturing; pay attention to the quality of sound insulation; choose the highest quality handles and hardware. Remember, it is better not to try to replace windows on your own. It is advisable to entrust this task to professionals, as the quality of installation determines the service life of your new windows.

Fittings & Accessories

Fittings for windows and doors is the mechanisms that is designed to ensure that the casement around the perimeter of the window or door fits the frame perfectly. Accessories and handles help to put the window in the needed position. Details of one set of fittings are interconnected and operate in the system with each other. The density of the clip, smooth operation of the flap depends highly on the quality of hardware. The experts from one of the leading Toronto home improvement companies advise, when choosing accessories and handles for your doors and windows, you also need to find out from what materials they are made of to understand whether they will be able to withstand the weight of the window or door. The material must be durable and what is even more important have a corrosion resistant coating. Also, you should not forget about the design of accessories. It is important to choose handles of the right shape and color, so that they match the design of the door, window and the interior of the room. The U.S. WINDOW company specialists have selected the best and the most reliable manufacturer of fittings and door handles in Toronto Renovationoutlet.ca company. The products of this Toronto producer have high quality and are characterised by increased durability. The design of these handles complements the look of our windows and doors.

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Please call with questions or to have a free demonstration of our products at your home. Our showroom in Urbandale is open from 12 p. m. to 5 P.M. and we will gladly meet you there after hours by appointment.

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